Version history vfp2Java.reports v1.0f

1.0f (2013-10-27)
– corrected error in sizing label fields

1.0e (2013-08-14)
– charset saved in preferences
– message indicating that maximum 15 objects will be converted in the evaluation version
– Field size adjustment added to the preferences

1.0d (2012-08-04)
– moved development to Eclipse
– update code signing certificate

1.0c (2012-08-02)
– corrected issue with calculated fields (count, sum,…) not being initialized and causing to drop report being converted

– added option to convert variable names, field names and table aliases to uppercase of lowercase
– ‘0’ literal issue in vfp2Java.expression has been corrected. This solves issue with reports containing ‘0’ literal in expressions.
– added Initial Value Expression

– align preferences stored in .vfp2Java.forms with vfp2Java.reports

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