The vfp2Java.forms tool is still being developed, but we already wanted to share our experience during this stage.

Features currently available

  • conversion of Vfp BaseClass objects to Java Swing objects equivalent
  • customizable mapping of objects and properties

Features to come

  • nested containers
  • ‘one-click’ full project forms migration
  • SubClass objects and Visual Class Libraries (.vcx)
  • Vfp ControlSource data binding

The main objective is to convert the visual design of the user interface. Translating Visual FoxPro to Java code is not within the scope of this product.

vfp2Java products are deployed using the Java Web Start technology. This way we can ensure you always get the latest version.


Free evaluation version

Download evaluation version
A login and password is required to access the evaluation version. Simply request your credentials via our contact form.

Since this is our first unstable trial version, we still expect a number of bugs and shortcomings. Your feedback will be
very helpful in improving the tool.

Although you can convert an unlimited number of VFP forms, this version has some limitations :

  • mapping of objects and properties is not modifiable
  • conversion of only 1 form at a time


Sample files

A sneak preview of the Java code generated is available in these vfp2Java sample files.



Instructions on deploying and using the vfp2Java Conversion tools are provided in our vfp2Java User’s Guide

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