Readme vfp2Java.reports


* only left margin for report is set, VFP print area (whole or printable) is not taken into account
* the VFP report Data Environment is not yet converted.
* in VFP objects (lines, shapes, fields ) can be ‘multi-band’. These objects will generate errors in JasperReports and should be split manually.
* default character encoding is ISO-8859-1

* the text in StaticFields might appear truncated as VFP label width is exact minimum size required.
in order to avoid text wrap, extra pixels (height/width*1.02+1) are added, but sometimes still insufficient.
* vertical alignment = middle by default to ensure alignment with TextFields

* vertical alignment = middle by default to ensure alignment with StaticFields
* two part names (aaa.bbb) will be treated as fields ($F{field}), other identifiers are considered to be variables ($V{variable})
this will be improved as soon as Data Environment conversion will be possible

* due to difference between VFP(96) and Java(72) dpi, images which fit in VFP objects could be clipped in JasperReports if ‘scale contents, retain shape’
option is not set in vfp image.
* when images are copied to the Report Media folder, existing files with identical names are compared. A numeric suffix is added in case
of the contents of those files are not identical.

* VFP Fill pattern ‘none’ corresponds to Jasper Opaque = false

Summary band
* isSummaryWithPageHeaderAndFooter = “true” when either VFP pageheader or pagefooter included in summary

Calculated fields
* Since JasperReports does not provide calculations in TextField, variables are automatically generated for each corresponding
VFP text field. The variable name is composed by the prefix “_COUNT”, “_SUM”,”_AVG”,”_LOW”, “_HIGH”,”_STDEV”,”_VAR” followed
by auto incremented index per calculation type

* Classes for calculated fields are :
count : java.lang.Integer
sum, average, standard deviation, variance : java.lang.Double
additional formatting might be required
classes for the other calculations is default based upon source field class


– Array elements are only recognized when using [] brackets.
– Exponent operator is not yet supported
– String literals between square brackets are not yet supported
– for readibility spaces are insert before/after logical operators
– currently default dateformat = “dd/MM/yyyy”, need to be changed manually in vfp2JavaMapping.xml

* Functions for which there is no Java equivalent defined, are copied as-is
* Thrown exceptions are not catched when using the standard vfp2JavaMapping

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