Converting Visual FoxPro reports to JasperReports is now really easy using our vfp2Java.reports tool.
Upon conversion into JRXML format, VFP reports (FRX) can be then accessed by iReport or JasperReports Studio, the free designers for JasperReports for further enhancement.

Features currently available

  • Conversion of labels, fields, lines, shapes and pictures
  • Multi-band, multi-column reports
  • Data grouping
  • Variables and calculations
  • VFP to Java expression translation

The VFP Data Environment is not yet converted. This still has to be done manually.

Using JasperReports, one can either access the original VFP database (DBF) or a converted version (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL,…). Selecting the appropriate database driver is all that is required.

Download evaluation version
You will need a login and password to access the evaluation version. Simply request your credentials via our contact form.

Although you can convert an unlimited number of VFP reports, this evaluation version has some limitations :

  • a maximum of 15 objects will be converted per report
  • conversion of only 1 form at a time

Full licensed version

Download Full licensed version
You will need a login and password to access this complete version.
(please note that this login might be different from the support forum username)

Buy now
Get the latest version and start converting your legacy Visual FoxPro reports!

Conversion of labels, fields, lines, shapes and pictures

Except for OLE Bound Controls, all VFP report objects have their equivalent in JasperReports. A large number object properties are copied.
Your initial VFP report is transformed in an pretty good JasperReports clone within seconds.

Multi-band, multi-column reports

vfp2Java.reports allows you to translates complex and specific reports containing several detail bands or columns, such as an invoice or a telephone directory.

The layout of the final output is almost identical. All you need is to configure the required data sources.

Data grouping

Reports can be based on nested data groups for organizing your data or totaling expressions at different levels.
Many report display options relevant to data grouping are supported, such as :

  • Printing text in headers and footers to identify specific groups.
  • Printing each group on a new page.
  • Resetting page numbers when groups are printed on a new page.

VFP to Java expression translation

As fields and variables are often composed of expressions, we developed a VFP expression parser. At this moment more than 70 standard VFP functions are translated into Java through our vfp2Java.expression module.

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